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App design for Sydney-based Museum: AGNSW

During my time working at Art Processors I was commissioned to design the application for an upcoming exhibition. This exhibition was about John Russel, an Australian painter and friend of the Dutch painter: Vincent Van Gogh.

The whole experience in the museum was to interact with the device as least as possible. Just wander around the museum while ambient music is playing, when you come near an artwork a beacon is triggered and the narrative audio starts. The interface is designed so you can even interact with it when the device is hanging around your neck. For example just tapping the entire screen does pause the audio and tapping again resumes it.

The interface is simple and intuitive. You can click the entire screen to play, or tap and hold to move forward and backward through the audio file. Instead of showing a regular player while the audio is playing we present the related artwork and slowly make it move to present the audio is playing.

Fun fact: During the experience there are some letters from Vincent Van Gogh who are recorded by yours truly.

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