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Website design + development for Wonder Media

The Antwerp based animation studio Wonder Media has a brand new website. After doing the branding some years ago we were commissioned to take it further and design + develop the new website.

Wonder Media creates and produces powerful transferia animation to model appropriate behaviour for children world-wide. Their animated content, aimed at educating children is an entertaining way, is positive, value-driven and non-aggeressive.

These were the core values for the new website. It has to tell the story of the company and represent that fun and playful attitude. The site structure is easy to digest and brings the visitor to the right information in no time. The wide portfolio of different products are highlighted on the product page and have their unique detail page to tell you more.

The website runs on Webflow, making it super easy to mange. Via Fastly and Amazon Cloudfront there are more than 100 copies of the site worldwide. This results in a superfast website that gives it a light user experience, regardless of the location of the visitor.

Check the site:

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