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Manage courses and workshops with The New Classi App

Whether you like to follow piano lessens or do zumba, manage it with Classi! Classi is a simple but effective app that gives you all the necessary class information and a direct way to stay connected with your instructor. Lesson updates, messages, payments, registrations and many more in two simple apps; the Classi Instructor app that instructors use to manage and create classes and the regular Classi app for students.

The main challenge in creating this app was to design a system that could easily be used by all kinds of users and for every kind of course. The Classi team came to us with the wish to completely redesign their current app; they wanted us to enhance the customer flow, make it futureproof and ofcourse make it look cool and nice.

And now it’s live. The New Classi. Read all about it in this case: Or download the app.

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