Sound Supply

Sound Supply

Since 1987 is Sound Supply the supplier for audio tours and audio related content for many musea in the Netherlands.

After almost 20 years and the eyes on the future, it is time to rebrand the company and give it a fresh and clean visual identity that last for another 20 years.

For this project I asked myself two questions: “How does a logo sound?” and “How can you visualise sound?”. I researched multiple methods to visualise sound and developed a technique to visualise a sound and transform this to an image. With this method I created the logo which has the sound literally integrated in the logo. Scroll down to see the making of.


Sound Supply


The making of

I created a technique which I used to visual a sound. In the steps below you can see the process of creating the Sound Supply logo.

1. Audio

Recording 'Sound Supply'

2. Soundwave

Visualizing the recording into a soundwave

3. Sound lines

Converting the soundwaves into lines

4. Lines

Get rid of the soundwaves and keep the lines

5. Soundshape

Transforming the soundlines into a soundshape


6. Logotype

The basic logotype

7. Combination

Combine the soundshape with the logotype

8. Invert

Invert the soundshape into the logotype to integrate the waves into the final logo