Artwork and website for dutch band: Tangarine.

Tree months of traveling through the dessert of Arizona, live shows in RV’s and writing a new record. The story of the twins Brinks aka Tangarine with as result the brand new album ‘There and Back’.

Commissioned by Excelsior Records and together with Tangarine we developed a new style and visual direction which supports the release of the new album. Instead of creating a logo I designed a logo framework of letters that can be used in multiple ways. This open and flexibel concept is found in all identity resources of the band.


Designer and developer of brand & website

Excelsior Recordings

Branding, print, album artwork, webdesign & development


New website

A New smooth one-page website is designed and developed.

Completely in line with the new visual identity I created a website that is clean and gives focus on a specific section of the website. The website is easy to mange because with the visuals content management system: RUNIA CMS.

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