Experience unique places to stay curated for you.

Imagine staying under the night sky, in a castle or a boat. Unique places to stay curated for you so you will always find the best experience. No need to compare multiple options to find that true gem. Vipio offers only unique accommodations that have the WOW factor.

After leaving Europe’s fastest growing start-up Catawiki, René Schoenmakers (the founder of Catawiki) sets his mind on a new company. Our assignment was to create an online brand experience that is accessible with a luxury touch. During the ideation phase we polished our assumptions and tested prototypes to find the best solution. We found out that discover accomodations needs to be at the center, so less filtering and more inspiration so you find what you were looking for, but better.

Designer of brand and interface

Vipio B.V.

2019 - 2020

Branding, webdesign, development

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(Online) visual identity.

The core visual element of the brand is the purple symmetric logo that can be used as a quality mark stamp. The brand look and feel is very clean with loads of white space, good fonts and a soft color scheme to make the photography pop.

Our aim was to create a brand experience that is for everybody and gives you that exclusive touch. For that once in a year experience that really stays with you for the rest of your live. We wanted to offer experiences that become memories instead of just another holiday house.


Idea, test, design, develop, repeat...

Vipio is a true online company that offers unique accommodations. Their website is their product and marketing tool so creating the best online experience was key to this project.

From concept to a live product was a journey of almost a year. We started with the ideation phase where we researched the users needs, the competition and the global holiday & rental marketplace. From there we found our unique market fit and created prototypes to test assumptions. From here we gathered feedback and started designing the first prototype that gave us a broad sense of our concept.

When our prototype was ready we designed the visual impression and design system, which is the foundation of our product. From there we designed all pages independently for desktop and mobile and tested the experience with real content. During this phase we also started the front- and back-end development which went simultaneously to design to test out all features and responsiveness. In an iterative process we build on this to finish the first version, which is now live.


Design system

The design really stands out and in all its elements. It is clean and the subtle colours in combination with the photography make it lightweight and fresh. We use just one font for all the copy that has the brand characateristiscs in it and is perfect for readability on all devices!