Wedo lets you discover and manage events the same way as you do in the real world: via people and friends. On Wedo you discover events and cool activities your friends want to go and either join them immediately or get inspired.

Have you found an intresting event? Create a new event, or import it from another media like Facebook or Meetup, fill in the details, and choose if you want the event to be public or only accessible for a specific group. Your friends recieve a notification that you've created an event and can decide whether to join. Using Wedo, you do not have to call or send individually messages to friends but are able to communicate and manage your friends on one platform.

And if you are a host or venue owner yourself? Well we got really good news for you! You get notified that a group wants to join your event and lets you get in contact with the group. To boost their ticket sales you can offer deals specific to a group or ask them personally what they think of the event the next day. 

Reconnect with your friends!

It is far more likely that you prefer events recommend by your friends over any random going-out-agenda. Because Wedo uses your Facebook social contacts, you are able to reach more people than when calling or texting. Wedo allows you to simply hook up with someone you lost contact with and meet again during an event.


Easy to create, manage and organize in one app

Start the good times!

You are planning to go to an event? Simply create or import it from Facebook or Meetup, fill in the details and choose who can see the event. Your friends will receive a notification and your event will be shown in their timeline. You don’t really invite people but let them know that you are up to.

Discover all relevant events around you

All created events are shown in the app and let you easily discover what your friends are up to. We also import Facebook- and Meetup-events where friends go to or venues you already like. In this way you can use Wedo as your one-stop agenda being always full of relevant events and activities to discover.

All communication in one place

Planning and organising an event with friends can be hard. You may create a WhatsApp group but this is likely to end up with drunk night pictures and big stories; losing track on the details of the event. With Wedo all communication with regards to an event is available in the app. You can discuss times, locations and see deals all on one platform.

Venues can easy find the right customers

Thats not all! Wedo not only creates value for customers, venues and hosts benefit too!. By using Wedo, venues can find people or groups to go to a specific event or venue and get in touch. For example they can suggest diner arrangements with a concert, discuss a deal that if they come with five they get a discount or sell concert tickets on the last day directly to doubting customers. Never again do random marketing or advertise to people who are not interested but target people who already made clear they want to come.


Wedo is not yet available in the app store but you can experience the app below

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We were part of I3event in 2014 / 2015 and became Start Up of the Week by Dagblad van het Noorden.


We put a lot of time designing, thinking, developing in this project but because of other projects and work we're not able to finish it yet. Thats why we decided to open source our project to let you play with what we build so far. You can get the code on GitHub here and the Sketch designs here. We love your feedback and thoughts about this concept. Please send you it to us by by pressing the button below.

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Thanks for reading, feedback and support!
Martijn Runia, Johannes Nevels & Karsten Westra