Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

Experience the Dutch Grandmaster with the new Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar app.

Caesar van Everdingen; the Grandmaster of Dutch Classicism. Four hundred years after his birth, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar presents his first monographic exhibition. For this special exhibition we were asked to create a digital experience. The app takes you along the masterpieces of Ceasar van Everdingen and tells the story behind the canvasses.

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar brings together several national and international owned works by Caesar van Everdingen, gathered from museums aswell from private collections. The exhibition won the prestigious Turing Award II.

The main challenge for us was to create an informative experience that supports this exhibition at is best.

Interface Designer

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar via Tapart

2016 - 2017

Interface Design



We wanted to create an application that draws you deeper into the works.

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar attracts all kinds of visitors, everybody with their own kind of needs. Because of this we divided the content into two layers. Every object has a main audio fragment, which tells the basics of the object. If a visitor wants to know more they can choose a new content-block and dive deeper into video’s, slideshows or audio fragments. 

We find it very important that the app guides and gives meaningful information whenever you want it. Also it was our main focus that the information does not interfere your visit but instead increases your experience.



Interface design

We created an application that draws you deeper into this master’s work.

Because of all the great art-images the design of the app needs to work like a platform; it has to display the content in the best way possible but at the same time give clear information whenever the user needs it. The fullscreen images and the off-white background with yellow details give it a light, easy and minimal look & feel.

With bold navigation icons and clear blocks to tap on everyone can navigate easily through the app.The interface also makes it easy for the museums to manage their content in the way they like, without destroying the design.


Guided tour

Don’t want to miss anything? Choose the tour you want and let the app guide you through all the pieces of art in the musea.

Choose by number

Want to wander through the museum and only get information about the works you like? Find the information by filling in the numbers next to the artwork.

Exprience it yourself?

The app has only been experienced in the Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar, but we’re working on a downloadable app that includes the entire collection of the museum.